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Learn & Master Guitar

Learn & Master Guitar

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Learn & Master Guitar Review:

Appropriate for:
• Children (above 8)
• Beginners
• Intermediate
• Advanced

What you get:
• 107 page detailed guitar lesson book.
• 10 full-length DVD's (over 20 hours of video), organized into 20 sessions.
• 5 full CDs of popular jam-along songs (songs with the ability to adjust the volume of the guitar track so you can play along)
• Access to members only forum online.
• Supplemental online material (songs, music, guitar tabs, tips and tricks)
• 3 ring binder / carrying case

Lesson Coverage:
Learn & Master Guitar covers everything from basic fundamentals to advanced soloing techniques. They provide 10 DVDs comprised of 20 sessions as well as a 107 page lesson book. The DVDs are high quality and very well produced, providing a menu system, on-screen music and tablature, and close-ups of each hand. Each session builds upon the previous session and is designed to help you progressively improve throughout the course. This course also lets you learn at your own pace – if you get stuck on something, you can always pause or rewind the video. The DVDs include the following sessions:

Session 1: Starting Off Right
Session 2: Reading Music & Notes on the 1st & 2nd Strings
Session 3: Notes on the 3rd & 4th Strings
Session 4: Notes on the 5th & 6th Strings
Session 5: Basic Open Chords
Session 6: Minor Seventh & Suspended Chords
Session 7: Barre Chords on the 6th String
Session 8: Barre Chords on the 5th String
Session 9: The Secret to Great Strumming
Session 10: Fingerstyle Guitar
Session 11: Pentatonic Scales - The Foundation of Soloing
Session 12: Advanced Chords
Session 13: Playing the Blues
Session 14: Giving Your Playing Some Style
Session 15: Electric Guitars - The Heart of Rock & Roll
Session 16: Advanced Strumming - Going Beyond the Basics
Session 17: Going Beyond the First Position
Session 18: Jazz
Session 19: Soloing
Session 20: All the Chords You Need to Know

The jam-along CDs really set this package above and beyond all others. They are extremely useful for taking what you've learned and puting it to use in a practical and fun way. There are about 100 popular jam-along songs included. All songs allow you to turn down the volume of the guitar (by adjusting your balance on your stereo) to allow you to solo with the band. The jam-along tracks also play at different speeds (slow, medium, and fast) so you can gradually increase your pace.

Learn & Master Guitar, by Legacy Learning Systems, is the most complete, most effective, and easiest to follow guitar course available. All material is very high quality and is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro players, and they also offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If you want a single all-inclusive guitar course, taking you from beginner to expert, this is it.


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