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Guitar Tutor Pro

Guitar Tutor Pro


Guitar Tutor Pro Review:

Appropriate for:

What you get:
• The Guitarists Guide to Reading Music Notation
• The Guitarists Guide to Tuning and Stringing
• Mastering the Guitar Volume One
• Mastering the Guitar Volume Two
• Mastering the Guitar Volume Three
• Click Track Pro (metronome software)
• eTuner Pro (tuning software)
• Guitar Chords Pro (chord simulation software)

Lesson Coverage:

Guitar Lessons Pro contains the following lessons:

Volume 1:
(Notes on the guitar, Open Major Chords, Minor Chords, Barre Chords, Strumming, Picking and Finger picking)

Volume 2:
(Hammer Ons and Pull Offs, Sliding, Vibrato, String Bending, Harmonics, Major 7 Chords, Minor 7 Chords, Suspended Chords, Understanding Modes and Interval)

Volume 3:
(Dominant 7 Chords, Minor, Major 7 Chords, Augmented Chords, Diminished 7 Chords, Advanced Fingerstyle, Comping, Advanced Rhythms and Open Tunings)

They also include some useful bonus software, with Guitar Chords Pro being our favorite - it allows you generate hundreds of different chord shapes along the guitar neck.

The Guitar Tutor Pro course, along with the bonus software offers excellent value for the price. This would be a good course for a beginner to get started, or intermediate player to hone their skills. The major downsides of this course are that they offer no video lessons, no jam-along features, and do not go into any specific genres. If you are serious about learning to play the guitar and would like to learn with the most complete, effective, and easy to follow course available, we recommend Learn and Master Guitar.


For more information, see the guitar lessons comparison chart.

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#3. Jamorama
#4. Jamplay.com
#5. Guitar Tutor Pro
#6. Guitar Lessons Pro
#7. Unlock the Guitar
#8. Guitar Made Easy

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