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Guitar Tips - Ultimate Guitar Speed Learning System

Guitar Tips


Guitar Tips Review:

Appropriate for:

What you get:
• Guitar Tips (lesson material)
• Guitar Songs (learn to play 51 songs)
• Guitar Leads (lesson material)
• Guitar Theory (lesson material)
• Guitar Backing Tracks (play along with virtual drum beats, bass lines, etc.)

Lesson Coverage:
The Guitar Tips - Ultimate Guitar Speed Learning System covers most material neccessary to become a well-rounded guitar player. Their lessons range from beginner to advanced skill levels. They provide 3 categories of lesson material in text and video form. Guitar Tips (basics, fundamentals, and chords), Guitar Leads (scales and advanced soloing techniques), and Guitar Theory (beats, tempos, etc...). All lessons are well designed, and set up in a step-by-step system. They also include the Guitar Songs package which teaches you how to play 51 popular songs. Finally, they include Guitar Backing Tracks, which allows you to play along with a variety of drum beats, bass lines, and other virtual instruments.

The Guitar Tips - Ultimate Guitar Speed Learning System is a great package which provides alot of material. One unique thing with this course is that all material can be accessed online or completely downloaded to your computer. This is useful if you travel alot and have a laptop. The only downside of this course is they don't have the jam-along feature with actual songs like Learn and Master Guitar does.



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