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Guitar Lessons Pro

Guitar Lessons Pro


Guitar Lessons Pro Review:

Appropriate for:

What you get:
• Beginner e-book
• Intermediate e-book
• Guitar Chord Dictionary e-book
• Licks and Tricks e-book
• Playing the Blues e-book

Lesson Coverage:
Guitar Lessons Pro is a collection of e-books designed to teach you some of the core fundamentals to playing acoustic and rock guitar. It begins teaching basic bar chords(major, minor, 7th, etc.) then moves on to some advanced chords and tablature. Then it covers basic scales, basic music notation and theory. All lessons are text based (in e-books) - there are no video lessons, audio lessons, or jam-along features.

Guitar Lessons Pro is a basic course for teaching the fundamentals and touching on some intermediate concepts various styles and genres. However, for the price, we feel there are better options available. If you are serious about learning to play the guitar and would like to learn with the most complete, effective, and easy to follow course available, we recommend Learn and Master Guitar.


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